President Biden signed the major Climate Change Bill, officially making it an Act. The law, along with the beneficial Inflation Reduction Act, is speculated to generate widespread support for the Democrats.

With the enforcement of the Act, America has seen the greatest investment in the history of climate change that will amount to $375 Billion spanning over a decade. This Act, along with the Medicare policy changes to be incorporated, is expected to be a major source of relief to the citizens.

The revenue, in return, is to be generated by the new taxes scheduled to be introduced and enhanced IRS activity towards affluent business entities. The Act is to make the largest contribution ever made to federal laws on climate change.

President Biden has pointed out that these pieces of legislation are proof of America’s Democratic character.

The bill received President’s assent and turned into law in the White House State dining room. A major celebration of these Acts is scheduled to take place on the 6th of September.

The resulting climate change law has turned out to be a smaller version of the initial plans. But Biden and his supporters are embracing the new law claiming that this one-time investment will pave the way for environmental and health benefits.

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