UCLA’s School of Law has created an innovative Critical Race Studies Program that keeps a record of all the attempts made by governmental and various administrative bodies to hinder the true and complete history of America from being taught in schools. 

It tracks the systemic racism that has been prevalent in the US which can be seen in legal, political, and social policies. This study is the first-ever effort made to document such practices in the US.

The study analyzes the source and extent of the theory. It is backed by statistics that track the conduct patterns that are expected depending on race, the problem that is allegedly faced, and the measures taken by the bodies to solve them  

Statistically, local education institutions have displayed anti-critical race theory practices. The implementation of the Critical Race Theory has allowed for the filtering of media content, legislation, and behavior toward a certain race. Of these, a substantial amount has been shown to depict race-specific behavior.

The study has been shown to have practical and authentic results in the field of education to ensure an inclusive and non-discriminatory environment. It has been funded by Lumina Foundation’s Racial and Equity Fund and by the UCLA School of Law.

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