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What Is The Longest Sentence Ever?- Amazing Facts Of Different Countries

7 October, 2021


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In our regular day-to-day lives, we often get the news of some remarkable judgments of the court that shook the whole world. But do you know what is the longest sentence in history? Here, in this article I will talk about that.  

When it comes to prison sentences, the jurisdiction rules and regulations are different in different parts of the world. Apart from that, the reasons for the crime that had been committed also vary from country to country when it comes to prison sentences. 

Longest Sentence In The World

As per the “Guinness Book of Records,” the longest sentence ever in the world was imposed on Chamoy Thipyaso, the Thai pyramid scheme fraudster. In 1989, he was jailed for 141,078 years. 

But different places, or countries have some extraordinary records of the longest sentence. So, we thought of providing some longest record of different countries or places. So, let’s have a look at them. 

1. US Record

Terry Nichols, a far-right terrorist, was convicted of helping Timothy McVeigh, who was his fellow former soldier, for carrying out the Oklahoma City bombing in the year 1995. In that incident, including 19 children, 168 people died.


However, he tried to pull out of the particular attack on a federal government building at the very last minute. As a result he got  9,300 years without parole along with 161 life sentences. McVeigh was executed. 

In 1994, another Oklahoma jury passed judgment on Charles Scott Robinson for raping a small child to 30,000 years in prison cells behind bars. 

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2. Europe’s Spain Record

For handing down the longest sentence stretches, the EU record is held by Madrid, most of the cases, to those convicted of Islamist or Basque terror attacks. Being a part of the Al-Qaeda Madrid train bombings in the year 2004, in which 193 people were killed. 

Europe’s Spain Record

For several terrorist acts, ETA members have also been sentenced to another longest sentence of thousands of years each. The list of the sentenced persons also includes Ines del Rio Orada, who has been sentenced to 3,828 years of a sentence for being a part of 24 murders. 

But in the year 2013, she was freed after 26 years by the European Human Rights Court. That has happened after a fellow ETA member named Henri “Unai” Parrot challenged his sentence of 4,797-year for the barracks bombings of Zaragoza in the year 1987.  

Spain is now restricted by European law to holding convicted criminals on the basis of when they were sentenced for a maximum of 30 to 40 years. 

3. Thailand’s Record

As I have already mentioned at the starting of this part that as per the “Guinness Book of Records,” the longest non-life sentence in the world was imposed on Chamoy Thipyaso, the Thai pyramid scheme fraudster. In 1989, he was jailed for 141,078 years. 

Though after spending only 8 years behind bars, she was released, despite having conned some royal household members. 

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4. Britain’s Longest Record

Britain's Longest Record

The longest sentence in Britain was handed down to the IRA sniper and bomber Bernard McGinn. For his part in different attacks, including the Baltic Exchange and Docklands bombings in London, he goes 490 years of the sentence. 

In Crossmaglen, SAS arrested him but later, after serving only 16 months, in the year 2000, he was released under the Good Friday Agreement. It also ended the Northern Ireland Troubles. 

For attacking disabled and elderly people around Birmingham, Andrew Aston got 26 life sentences. But all his terms are concurrent. 

Apart from all these, in the same city, 6 Irishmen wrongly convicted of the 1974 IRA bombings were provided 21 life sentences. But when their convictions were quashed, after 16 years, they were freed.  

5. Turney’s Record

On 11th January 2021, the handing down to televangelist Adnan Oktar is the 2nd super-sentence in Istanbul in only a few months. This recent activity of the longest sentence has shaken the whole world. 

In the month of 2020 September, Abdulkadir Masharipov, the Uzbek terrorist, got 40 life sentences. One sentence for every one of his victims for a New Year’s Day massacre in the first minute of 2017, in the Reina nightclub of the city.

For attempting to kill revelers in the attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State, he also got an additional 1,368 years. 

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

That was all about the longest sentence in the world. For the same, different regions have different world records. Here we will also cover some common questions that legal practitioners often want to know when they are considering the longest sentence.

Q1: What Is The Longest Jail Sentence?

Chamoy Thipyaso is thought to get the longest sentence by the court of Thailand. In the year 1989, Thipyaso was given a jail term of 141,078 years.

Q2: What’s The Longest Prison Sentence In America?

 Charles Scott Robinson, an Oklahoma child rapist, owns the record for the longest jail term, which was given to a single person that too on multiple counts. In the year 1994, on 23rd December, he was sentenced to 30,000 years in prison. For each of the 6 counts against him, he was sentenced to 5,000 years.

Q3: What Is The Longest Prison Sentence In The UK?

In July 1951, Straffen was convicted as the longest-serving prisoner of Britain for murdering two pre-teen girls. He spent 55 years in prison till he died.

Q4: What Author Wrote The Longest Sentence?

Often cited, the Author James Joyce is the writer of The Longest Sentence. Ulysses, the novel he has written, the character named Molly Bloom, has a monologue of 36 pages and a total words of 3,687.


We hope these articles offered you the necessary information you were searching for in the longest sentence. You might be surprised to know the years of sentences which were offered till now to the criminals for their intolerable and unforgettable crimes. In some cases, the criminal has committed multiple crimes.

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