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How To Become A Lawyer – A Complete Guide

1 June, 2021


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When we start thinking about college studies, we tend to go to a good school. But the concept of a good school might differ from person to person. Some might want to pursue a teaching career, while some might hope to step into the corporate world.

What works for your best friend or your sibling might not be the right choice for you. Hence, you must see what the school offers and whether your interest intersects with the curriculum.

The same thing stands true when you are entering into a legal profession. In fact, it is not a small decision to make. Getting a license in the US and practicing law requires tremendous effort and years of strenuous effort.

Pursuing a legal profession often leads to a six-figure salary and ensures you live a good life. This is why people pursue a legal career even if they take more time to reach the pinnacle of their career than most career paths.

How To Become A Lawyer?

The specific requirement of becoming a lawyer varies depending on which state you live in. However, the basics of becoming a lawyer remain the same in every state. The general process of becoming a lawyer is to graduate from a law school and then pass BAR exams to become a licensed lawyer.

The process of becoming a lawyer might seem easy in the context of their definition, but it takes at least seven years of schooling after high school and lots of hard work to come out as a successful lawyer.

In this article, we have enumerated the whole process to ensure you clearly understand how to become a lawyer.

Step 1: Acquiring Appropriate Education

First things come first. You need to have an appropriate educational background to become a lawyer. Having appropriate education is the first brick that lays the foundation for you to become a successful lawyer.

The journey to becoming a lawyer started in my high school days. You do not have to wait to attend law school to start gaining skills that matter the most in your legal career. Participate in the high school activities that help you build the necessary skills needed to become a lawyer.

Once your high school is over, apply for the best law school in your area to get the best last education. Get a bachelor’s degree with a relevant GPA.

Step 2: Learn About the Legal Jobs & Career

Being a lawyer is all about doing the right research and finding the best area to practice law. Someone who is contemplating a career as a legal professional must research and look for legal opportunities to practice law and enjoy life at the same time.

While pursuing a career in law, you must look for an opportunity to gather as much life experience information to mold yourself into a better lawyer. One such place from where you can get valuable resource material is the “Discover law” portal.

Step 3: Cultivate Reasoning And Strong Work Ethics

The answer to how to become a lawyer depends on how well you can cultivate reasoning and strong work ethics. You don’t have to wait for law school to build the necessary skills; you can start working on your skills from childhood.

Most of the time, aspiring lawyers take reading and writing lessons to become better readers and writers. One great way to boost your body language and confidence as a lawyer is to participate in debates and mock trials.

These extracurricular activities allow the students to develop the tenacity to argue persuasively in the courtroom.

Step 4: Complete Your Law School

The next important step is to attend a good law school that helps you nurture the relevant skills necessary to survive in the legal profession. Experts believe that studying law is a scholarly profession. Hence, you need to be on top of your game if you want to be a lawyer.

Students who become successful lawyers are the ones who dedicate their whole being to studying the art of law. You must take your classes very seriously and need to ensure that you are securing a good position in your law school.

If you want to be a clerk or a federal judge, you need to ensure that you are among the top quarter of the students in your batch. 

Step 5: Join BAR Association

Once you have graduated from law school, try joining BAR (Bench Relation of Law). Each state has a different BAR admission process. While you are in law school, start preparing for the BAR admission. This will help you join BAR right after your graduation.

The sooner you become a BAR association member, the faster you can accelerate your law career towards – How to become a lawyer. Qualifying in the BAR admission gives you an opportunity to become a part of renowned law firms. 

Step 6: Start Finding Work As A Lawyer

You do not always have to become a part of the law firm; if you want it, you can solo your career. You can look for the clients and solve their problems at your own terms and conditions. However, for doing that, you need to be exceptional with what you do or what kind of law services you offer.

After the BAR qualification, there is an oath ceremony for the new pass outs. That ceremony is attended by several experienced lawyers in the area. You can use this opportunity to create your network for future references and uplift your career.

Facts You Want To Consider Before Pursuing Becoming A lawyer

If you are here on this article, that means you are looking to answer the question – How to become a lawyer? Well, there is nothing wrong with this question; the only problem with most aspiring lawyers is that they think about life after becoming a successful lawyer and forget some of the necessary facts underneath it.

Becoming an attorney is a noble goal, and if you believe in righteousness, this might be the only career path for you. However, there are a few factors that you must consider before you can venture into this career. Pursuing law is an expensive path, and not to mention that it’s almost a decade to complete your law studies.

Should you be a lawyer? What facts have to say about it.

The Cost Of The Law School

Before starting with a law career, you must take the cost of schooling into consideration. Private schools that teach law are costly and even cost $50,000 per academic year. At the same time, public schools cost significantly less, with an average cost of $22,000.

While you might help yourself pay up the student loan with the salary you make after becoming a lawyer, remember that not every lawyer reaches six figures. Hence, while you are looking for answers on how to become a lawyer, you must weigh down the school fees and three-year lost earnings against potential return in the form of a law degree.

Law School Timeline

Law school is a three-year program if you are attending it for full. And not to mention, you must be a graduate to attend law school full time. That makes seven years in total. However, there have been cases where aspiring lawyers attend school part-time, extending the total time to complete a law degree.

Public Speaking

You need to hone your public speaking skill. It is the most important skill if you look forward to seeing yourself in a lawyer’s shoes. Layers have to attend several events which end in sharing information with the clients, presenting cases in the courtroom, or activities that need public speaking. Regardless of what you’re doing, you will be constantly exposed to a large audience.


How To become a lawyer largely depends on your education. Aspiring lawyers decide when they are in high school and prepare themselves for the next ten years. It usually takes seven years to become a lawyer with full-time law schooling.

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