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How To Get Money From A Car Accident Without A Lawyer

11 July, 2022


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If you have been in a car accident recently without any fault of yours, then filing a personal injury claim might seem to be a great idea. But, naturally, car accidents do not just cause physical damage to your vehicle but also cause financial damage to your pockets. And that’s all – it also causes physical and psychological damages to you, the victim.

As a result, choosing to file a personal injury claim and recover some compensation is the best way of seeking justice. After all, it wasn’t your fault that there was an accident – so why should you even pay for the same? Hiring a car accident lawyer is probably a good idea, but you could also do it alone, provided you are ready to invest a huge amount of your time and effort.

So simply scroll down and find out how to get money from a car accident without a lawyer!

But First, What Are Car Accident Injury Claims?

Car Accident Injury Claims
Car Accident Injury Claims

Before you can find out how to get money from a car accident without a lawyer, it is crucial that we shed some light on the nature of car accident injury claims. Most vehicle injury lawyers will tell you that car accident injury claims basically comprise all the damages that the accident caused the victims.

For instance, a car accident claim includes the physical damages caused to the vehicle, the psychological damage caused to the victim, the financial loss that the victims suffer from, and of course, any physical injury on the part of the victim – imagine so many damages at the expense of accused’s fault.

A car accident lawyer can help you cover several expenses, such as:

  • Medical bills.
  • Lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering damages.
  • Permanent disability.
  • Loss of consortium.
  • Vehicle replacement or event repair.

In the absence of a car accident attorney, you have to represent yourself and negotiate a fair and just settlement. But don’t worry because we are here to tell you how you can do the same!

1. Answering, How To Get Money From A Car Accident Without A Lawyer?

When you decide to dump all your ‘I need a lawyer’ thoughts and just recover compensation on your own, you also have to understand that this is the time when you have to handle every step involved in the process alone. This can definitely prove to be overwhelming and time-consuming to an extent, especially for accident victims.

The process, however, is not that complex. Here’s what you can do!

  • Investigate the collision and gather evidence. 
  • Identify all the parties responsible for the accident.
  • Build an engaging case against the accused.
  • Inform all insurance companies and responsible parties about your injury claims.
  • Navigate personal injury and state insurance laws.
  • Identify and clacukate the total value of all the damages.
  • Negotiate a fair settlement after addressing all your damages.
  • File your claims for initiating a lawsuit when it becomes necessary.

2. Issues You Might Have To Face While Seeking A Fair Settlement:

While doing all these on your own, it is highly possible that you might encounter several issues that you might not be prepared to meet. The most amount of problem, however, comes due to the pushback that is likely to appear from the insurance companies. 

As a result, it is best that you scroll down and find out about all the possible issues you might encounter right now!

  • Lowball the value of your claim.
  • Take all your settlements completely out of context. 
  • Suggest impractical things like how you probably caused the collision in the first place.

This is why, if you are not confident to represent yourself on your own, you can consider depending upon the expertise of a car accident lawyer to help you with reaching a fair settlement as well as recover the compensation you absolutely deserve.

3. Advantages Of Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer:

Advantages Of Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer
Advantages Of Hiring A Car Accident Lawyer

There are several pain and suffering settlement examples out there where the attorney has proved to be a game-changer. You might be wondering how to get money from a car accident without a lawyer but you can also check out the advantages of hiring a lawyer for such cases.

The advantages of hiring a car accident lawyer are as follows:

  • Car accident lawyers actually put in the time as well as the resources while investigating car accident claims.
  • Car accident attorneys take the help of reliable experts to support your claims when necessary.
  • These lawyers can also identify damages that you never knew even existed and then also help you to recover the same.
  • These lawyers also excel in negotiating with insurance companies to get you the compensation that you deserve.

How To Apply For Compensation?

If you want to apply for compensation after being a victim of a car accident, you can definitely do it without hiring a lawyer. We can help you out. However, you will need to follow in these footsteps. So, let’s begin.

Check On Your Health And Finances

If you have been in an accident, the first step is to obviously get Medical Attention. It may sound corny, but your health is your greatest, and safety should be your top priority. So, please make sure that you seek medical attention for your injuries. When you receive treatment, please keep copies of your medical expenses. It may be medical records, bills, and receipts from your treatment. Doctor fees, diagnostic tests, or surgeries all of these fall into medical expenses. 

Contacting Authorities 

Your next step would be to contact the police and authorities. Make sure to file an accident report. Give your personal details to the police and details of the accident too. Try to request a copy of the report from police records.


Get contact and insurance information from all parties of the accident. This will include names, phone numbers, addresses, insurance policy details, and even license plate numbers. 

Get As Much Evidence As Possible

The collection of evidence is mainly the work of the police. Try to gather as many details about the accident scene as possible. You can start by taking photographs or videos. The images should show vehicle damage, damage to your property, road conditions or blockages, traffic signs, and or all available details of the accident. 

Get In Touch With Your Insurance Company

You can try reporting the details of your accident to your insurance company. Do this as soon as possible. Give them all the necessary information. And please maintain transparency. Accurately describe the events of the accident. Make sure that you do not leave out important details. 

Apart from these, discuss your insurance policy with your provider and your attorney if needed. Ask them for help to know the types of coverage, your liability, and the kind of personal injury protection you have.

If you think that you only need to keep a list of medical expenses, you are wrong. You can even keep an account of your vehicle repair costs, car expenses, or any unforeseen expenditures. Before you head to court to get your compensation claim, make sure you understand who is at fault. It will be essential under your state’s car accident laws. Your state might have a “no-fault” system or a “fault” system. This will heavily impact the kind of compensation you receive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How To Negotiate A Settlement Without A Lawyer?

You can negotiate a settlement without a lawyer by following the steps mentioned below:
⦾ Start with documenting your losses.
⦾ Count the value of your sufferings.
⦾ Gather all the required evidence for proving liability.
⦾ Send across a demand letter to the insurance provider of the offender.

2. Should I Get A Lawyer For An Accident That Was My Fault?

It is best that you hire a car accident lawyer specifically for cases where you are definitely not at fault. This is more true for cases where you have been seeking a fair settlement or even a fair judgment from the insurance carrier of another party. However, in case if you have a feeling that your insurance company isn’t handling the case accurately, then retaining an attorney is a good idea.

3. What Is A Fair Settlement For Pain And Suffering?

The amount of compensation that you might receive for both pain and suffering has a lot to do with the degree of severity when it comes to personal injury cases. There are several factors that are put into consideration while calculating the value of both pain and suffering – moreover, it also depends on an individual’s unique circumstances.

Now that you know how to get money from a car accident without a lawyer, what are you waiting for? Instead of spending time feeling sad about all your injuries, start seeking justice today – you could also consult an auto injury accident lawyer before taking any major step. Being careful should be a natural instinct when it comes to legalities within car accident injury claims.

In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts and experiences (if any) in the comments below.

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