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How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

22 June, 2022


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If you are here, then it’s most probably because you have suffered from some kind of personal injury, and you have ended up in a state of confusion. Most victims of personal injury do not even understand the necessity of hiring an attorney. This is because people don’t know how much a personal injury lawyer costs.

This is interesting, considering most people forget about the injury incident and dismiss the same as nothing more than an accident. But that is precisely where people end up making mistakes. Therefore, if you have recently been in an accident and you have suffered considerably, then you must consult with an attorney.

Keep reading to find out more on the same.

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

After an accident, the best investment that you can probably make is to hire an attorney. However, before finding out how much it costs to hire a personal injury lawyer, it is vital to know the exact functions of a personal injury lawyer. In addition, before analyzing costs and similar factors, it is important that you know how can these attorneys even help you.

So without wasting any further time, let’s find out what a personal injury lawyer does. Simply scroll down and find out all that you need to know in this context.

1. Investigation Of Claims

One of the most common functions of a personal injury lawyer is to investigate the claims of all involved parties. However, there might be several cases where victims might not be completely honest about the events of personal injury. Therefore, it naturally becomes the lawyer’s responsibility to get to the bottom of the matter in that case.

Moreover, these attorneys will also investigate the defending party. In some cases, can even investigate probable victims for the same. The investigative part is one of the most important functions of personal injury attorneys. Without good investigative skills, your lawyer is winning the case.

2. Getting Hold Of Evidence

Yes, finding out how much a personal injury lawyer cost is vital. But so is finding out what you are exactly paying for! If the investigation of claims is the most important function of a personal injury attorney. Then gathering evidence is the next most important function.

A case argument with evidence will not help you reach any settlement or obtain any compensation. But, from tracking down witnesses to taking photos of vital reports, evidence will include everything that matters. You can’t present any case without evidence, so it is pretty crucial!

3. Negotiating With Involved Insurance Companies

How will you receive any financial compensation if your lawyer fails to negotiate with the insurance companies? In most cases, insurance companies will do their best to either not pay any compensation or pay just 50% of the same on the grounds of shared blame.

So your personal injury attorney needs to be great at negotiating otherwise, you might not be able to obtain the financial compensation you require. In fact, the best thing that you can do in case of personal injury cases is to let your attorney handle all the communication with the insurance companies.

4. Representation In Court

In case the defending party refuses to accept all the allegations or the insurance company doesn’t pay compensation, the case will become a trial and will be dealt with in Court. Now, if things move to court, who else will represent you? Your personal injury attorney will represent you and will put in the effort to win the case for you.

The job role of a personal injury lawyer is pretty compact, making most people wonder, as a result, how much does hiring a personal injury lawyer costs? Yes, we are here to tell you the same – stay tuned and keep scrolling to find out how much a personal injury lawyer will cost in 2022!

How Much Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

So how much does a personal injury lawyer cost? Or rather, how much does a personal injury lawyer make? Let’s find out…shall we? You simply have to scroll down and find out what you were looking for!

Most personal injury attorneys charge clients on a contingency basis. This technically means that the client is not paying the lawyer until and unless the lawyer manages to recover the required compensation or reach a settlement. So this basically means if the attorney fails to secure compensation for you, then you don’t have to pay the lawyer’s fees.

This policy exists because personal injury cases are usually different from your regular cases. For example, as a victim of an accident or similar cases, you are already suffering from certain losses. Now, if you fail to recover compensation as well, then paying your attorney for the same is more problematic for you. As a result, these lawyers only get paid when you get compensated.

Naturally, this payment method makes sure that the concerned attorney is putting in the required effort. Because if they don’t put in the required effort into every single case, they take up, there is no way they are getting paid – their monthly or even annual income depends entirely on the amount of compensation they manage to recover.

Note: Personal Injury attorneys get paid on a contingency basis. But if your case movies to court, then, in that case, there will additional court fees that you will naturally have to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Percentage Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Take?

Ans: On average, personal injury attorneys charge 33% of the compensation recovered by industry standards. However, if the case in question goes into the trial, the court fees will be extra additions to the general 33% already charged by the attorney.

2. How Are Personal Injury Settlements Paid?

Ans: Once a settlement has been reached, and compensation has been received, the victim pays the required percentage to the concerned lawyer. You might have to pay an additional amount along with the compensation, inclusive of court feeds, postage costing, and the likes.

3. How Long Does A Personal Injury Claim Take?

Ans: A personal injury claim might easily take somewhere between six to twelve months in case the defending party accepts liability for the same. However, if the defending party disputes liability, it could easily take nearly 18 months. In the case of complex cases, it can easily take longer!

4. Why Do Lawyers Take So Long To Settle A Case?

Ans: Once any case is filed in court, things might just slow down. From facing troubles to making the defending party respond to gathering all concerning evidence, there are several factors that can delay cases in the court of law.

Instead of finding out how much a personal injury lawyer makes or rather how much a personal injury lawyer cost. It is more vital to find out whether you need to hire one in the first place. But now that you know you don’t have to pay if you lose the case, you can proceed to hire one without risking any major loss!

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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