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Our List Of Top Fictional Lawyers On Television

22 December, 2023


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Today we talk about fictional lawyers. The legal profession is a weighty one. Here, the stakes involve lives hinged on case outcomes. If you think about it, each plaintiff and defense party is a storyteller. The lawsuits tell their story.

Hence, filmmakers and tv show makers find immense pleasure to dramatize these legal stories through movies and courtroom shows.

So, in film and television, we often witness the portrayal of numerous lawyers. Problems arise when they cannot settle on a point due to their diverse ethical principles. 

Our List Of Top Fictional Lawyers!

These are, however, fictional lawyers who are just playing their roles. Sometimes directors talk about how they base these characters on real-life attorneys and lawsuits. 

In this article, we will talk about the top fictional attorneys on our list. Our choice is based on how significant a role they played and how well they played it!

So, let’s begin! 

Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman was originally Jimmy McGill in the show. He started his legal career as Walter White’s attorney in Breaking Bad. Despite appearing to have a reputable profession, McGill is actually a criminal who assists White and his associate Jesse Pinkman in navigating the criminal underworld.

Before pursuing a law degree, McGill had a history as a scam artist. His diverse background is what got him the spin-off series Better Call Saul.

Experts with a moral standing would call his ethical stance on the law is dubious. However, his understanding of crime and the legal system enables him to manipulate the law to assist his clients. Thus, this is understandably an invaluable skill for a lawyer to possess.

How I Met Your Mother’s Marshal Erickson

We all would probably agree that Marshal is the most amiable member of the How I Met Your Mother gang. Among our notable list of fictional lawyers, he embodies a charmingly nerdy persona and aspires to pursue a career in environmental law.

He may not be the lawyer you go to for property damage, but his passion for nature is evident in his career aspirations. Therefore, this series delves into his challenges dealing with morally questionable corporate clients for the sake of financial stability. 

It is one of the significant storylines throughout the show.

Refreshingly, “Marshmallow’s” inclination to prioritize the happiness of others over his own sets him apart from the other lawyer. However, he’s fiercely advocates for the causes he holds dear, be it Lily, his friends, or the environment.

The O.C.’s Sandy Cohen

If you want a lawyer who doubles as a surrogate father figure, Sandy Cohen from The O.C. fits the bill perfectly. The series kicks off after Sandy adopts troubled teenager Ryan Atwood into his family. Moreover, throughout the show, Sandy consistently serves as the moral compass.

Thus, not only does he offer thoughtful guidance to those he cares about but also happens to be a caring father.

Although Sandy’s legal career isn’t a primary focus in the series, it’s easy to see his winning personality influencing his profession.

Thus, Sandy can’t turn away from someone in need, perpetually championing the underdog.

How to Get Away with Murder’s Annalise Keating

Next up on our list of best fictional lawyers is the brilliant Annalise Keating. She is a renowned criminal defense lawyer. Moreover, she also holds a dual role as a law professor at a prestigious university.

Handpicking five students as her proteges, they quickly become instrumental in assisting her with a murder case. Despite her professional confidence, the series delves into Annalise’s journey through various challenges.

Additionally, we witness this amazing role of a fictional lawyer through the deterioration of her relationship with her husband.

This powerful character e evokes both fear and admiration. Moreover, she also maintains a protective stance toward her students. This remains as they charter into unlawful territory. 

Therefore, Viola Davis delivers a stunning performance in this role. She perfectly portrays the icy demeanor of Annalise, getting her an Emmy for her portrayal.

Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods

Radiant, vivacious, and with a blonde mane. This is our best entry on the list of famous fictional tv lawyers. Elle Woods stands out as the youngest lawyer in this group. Moreover, despite her resemblance to Paris Hilton, Elle shouldn’t be underestimated as a legal professional.

Initially pursuing law school to win back her boyfriend after a breakup, she surprisingly finds her true passion in the field of law. Here, she thrives and excels in her newfound career path.

Daredevil’s Matt Murdock

By day, Matt Murdock practices law as a lawyer, but by night, he transforms into the superhero Daredevil. Therefore, holding a strong disdain for those who exploit others.

Moreover, Murdock uses his legal skills to assist the underprivileged instead of defending actual criminals. This is a principle that extends to his vigilantism.

Matt was blinded during childhood due to an accident.

However, this fictional lawyer hasn’t allowed his disability to diminish his pursuit of justice. In an intriguing twist, the loss of his sight has heightened his other senses to nearly superhuman levels.

Thus, this has helped in his relentless pursuit of justice throughout the show’s three outstanding seasons.

To Conclude

Thus, with this, we have come to the end of our article on fictional lawyers. While going through our article, make sure to check out a similar article of ours called “Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?”

Fictional lawyers in movies and TV come in all shapes and sizes. Thus, they can be heroes fighting for what’s right. Sometimes they may turn out to be shady characters with their own issues or people dealing with personal struggles.

These characters show us how law can be complicated, just like life, and how tough it is to balance doing what’s right with four own problems. Watching them helps us think about how laws work and the big impact our choices have on the world.

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