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Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

10 July, 2023


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If you are asking this question, there is a chance that you will follow his very popular show “family feud.” Family Feud is the show that makes it into the list of our guilty pleasures. The Steve Harvey Show (1996-2002), set in an inner-city high school, was another one of his popular shows.  Throughout the years, he participated in a number of shows, including “kids say the darndest things” and “celebrity family feud” with the newest addition of “Judge Steve Harvey.” 

A well-known figure in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Steve Harvey is well-known for being a charismatic host with a brilliant sense of humor. One of his most recent roles on the television series Judge Steve Harvey has gathered a lot of attention from the viewers.

Judge Steve Harvey is a show that is based on American Television. It is based on arbitration proceedings of real life. Mr. Harvey is the host of this show, which first premiered in January 2022. This show has been associated with Disney-branded television.

Judge Steve Harvey: Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

The show has gained quite a lot of popularity in a year, with two Seasons so far and 15 episodes. It all takes place in a set that has been designed to look just like a courtroom. Since Mr. Harvey plays the character of himself as a judge, he has a judge’s bench, which takes up most of the room. 

The whole set is filled with spotlights, and Mr. Harvey carries a Golden Gavel. At the very beginning of the show, Mr. Harvey very clearly states the intent and the scope of his show. He says that all of the judicial handling taking place in the show is happening without legal backgrounds. This means that whatever is decided on the show does not hold any legal enforcement. It is quite contrary to what happens in an actual court proceeding.

Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge: How Do The Case Proceedings Take Place?

Mr. Harvey first provides instructions to the parties. Each litigating party gets 30 seconds to tell the audience their side of the story. After this is done, the real process of interrogation begins. The audience can choose either side, support, cheer, or boo when the parties present their case. Mr. Harvey also takes a critical crack at them. These most often are his own opinion. He openly interacts with the audience and takes a comic approach to the whole situation. On numerous occasions when the parties have taken a more serious tone, Mr. Harvey takes a jive. He often reminds them that it is but a mere set of a TV show. 

Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge: Judge On Common Sense

Whoever watches the Judge Steve Harvey Show knows that Mr. Harvey often jeers at the ones taking things too seriously. He tries to expose the loopholes and foolishness of the situation comically.

Unlike other judicial television shows, like Judge Judy, and The People’s Court, Mr. Harvey does not hold a law degree. He has never been a part of the United States judicial system. Hence, judgeship or other legal licenses are completely out of the question.

However, Steve Harvey has made no attempts to claim that he is indeed a judge in real life. He has only “been playing by his own rules” and based his court proceedings on experiences from real life and his own common sense. Mr. Harvey is also known for his humor and slow-burn reactions, which are very well seen in these proceedings.

Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge: Real Judge Qualifications

In order to become a judge, an individual should first be a citizen of the United States. They have first to get a Legal education through a Juris Doctor degree. Judges must attend an accredited Law School and undergo extensive training. 

The president of the country appoints most Federal judges. State laws and other election processes also appoint judges of the state. Most judges first work as attorneys, public defenders, and in other legal roles.

Final Ruling: Is Steve Harvey A Real Judge?

Finally, as a concluding statement to this article, Is Steve Harvey, a real judge? We would like to say no. In order to be a judge in real life, an individual first needs a law degree. Most federal judges have law degrees and practice for multiple years before being elected as a judge. Mr. Steve Harvey is not a real judge but acts merely as a mediator. This platform of Judge Steve Harvey provides a grievance-relieving stage. It aims to give its participants an amicable solution without any weight of a legally binding judgment. Judge Steve Harvey, therefore, operates only within the boundaries of the Hollywood entertainment sphere.

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