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What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

23 June, 2022


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If you are wondering what a personal injury lawyer does, you have arrived at the right destination. Because we are here to tell you all that you need to know about the same. In fact, recently, the demand for these attorneys has increased steeply, making most people curious about the same!

Personal injury attorneys are not rare to find, but good ones might require a little time. Since these attorneys get paid in a way that’s different from how lawyers commonly get paid, you can’t expect to find these attorneys, that too good ones, randomly. In that case, having a little information about the same is important.

Keep reading to find out more on the same.

Who Is A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Before finding out what a personal injury lawyer does, it’s vital to find out who is a personal injury attorney. If you didn’t know the answer to that, then you will be surprised to find out that these lawyers specialize in providing legal representation to victims of personal injuries.

Your next natural question will be, ‘what do you mean by personal injuries?’ Let’s find out! Remember that one time you thought you were involved in a pedestrian accident and you had no one to hold responsible for the injuries you suffered? Turns out these injuries qualify as personal injuries, and you can hold the other party accountable.

Remember that if you are a victim of an accident that happened due to some negligence or lack of care on the part of other involved parties, you will qualify as a victim of a personal injury case. So what qualifies as personal injury and what doesn’t qualify as a personal injury? Simply scroll down and find out!

Types Of Cases Handled By Personal Injury Attorneys:

The different types of cases handled by personal injury attorneys are as follows, 

  • Injuries involving animal bites,
  • Aviation accidents,
  • Boating accidents,
  • Transportation accidents,
  • Automotive accidents,
  • Burn injuries,
  • Defective products,
  • Motor vehicle accidents,
  • Pedestrian accidents,
  • Insurance claims,
  • Construction accidents,
  • Negligence involving child daycare
  • Medical malpractice
  • Abuse involving nursing homes,
  • Injuries involving the spinal cord,
  • Accidents caused by slips and falls, and
  • Wrongful death.

Now that you have a fair idea of the type of cases that a personal injury attorney handles, let’s check out the types of compensation that you can receive in personal injury cases.

Types Of Compensation Received By Personal Injury Lawyers:

different types of compensation received by personal injury lawyers

The amount or even kind of compensation that you might receive from the settlement of a personal injury trial can vary depending on the investigation, evidence, and even the kind of injuries you suffered from.

Scroll down and check out the common types of compensation received in such cases,

  • Remuneration for help and care,
  • Emotional distress,
  • Mental anguish,
  • Clinical expenses,
  • Loss of marriage possibilities,
  • Loss of earning ability, 
  • Income loss,
  • Compensation for profit or loss,
  • Future or potential loss of revenue

What Does A Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

what a personal injury lawyer do

So what does a personal injury lawyer do? Simply scroll down and find out now!

1. Investigating Claims

The first and foremost thing that a personal lawyer does is investigate all the claims made by all involved parties. Since these attorneys are usually paid once some kind of settlement is made, you can be sure that these attorneys will do their best to bring you the justice you deserve.

As a result, these attorneys put in a sufficient amount of effort while screening as well as evaluating all the claims made by all the concerned parties. Moreover, these attorneys only take up such cases that have the potential to actually win so that their time and effort are not a complete waste of time.

2. Gathering Of Evidence

Once the personal injury lawyer has finished investigating all claims, the next step is to work towards gathering evidence for the same. This will naturally include all sorts of things – you know the kind of things lawyers do to prove their arguments? Yes, those things!

But to give you a fair idea of this function, check out the points mentioned below,

  • Taking photographs of damaged property.
  • Gathering reports of accidents.
  • Gathering medical bills, records, and reports.
  • Gathering both employment reports and documents.
  • Collecting reports of property damage.
  • Tracking witnesses.
  • Procurement of surveillance footage, witness statements, and police reports.

3. Negotiations With Insurance Companies

If your personal injury attorney fails to negotiate properly with the insurance companies of involved parties, then there is no way you will be able to reach a favorable settlement. This step is inclusive of reviewing details related to policies and even determining the maximum amount of compensation.

Basically, these attorneys look after all types of communications that have everything to do with these companies. In case the insurance companies do not pay up, then the next logical step is to go to trial – your attorney will perform a few functions in this context,

  • Preparing pleadings,
  • Conducting discovery,
  • Assessing damages,’
  • Providing legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Percentage Do Most Personal Injury Lawyers Take?

Ans: By industry standards, personal injury attorneys claim a 33% on average of all settlements reached. However, if your case does go to trial, then there will be additional expenses incurred for the same. This is done with the purpose of reducing the financial risks that clients face in this context.

2. What Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Ans: A personal injury lawyer can perform the following functions,
i. Investigate claims,
ii. Gather evidence,
iii. Negotiate with involved parties, including their insurance companies,
iv. Prepare pleadings,
v. Conduct discoveries,
vi. Assess damages, and
vii. Provide legal representation.

3. Why Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

Ans: A personal injury lawyer files claims on behalf of such clients while helping them out by bringing skill, experience, and even knowledge into the concerned case. This, in turn, will also help you out achieve the favorable settlement that you deserve.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you know what a personal injury lawyer do, it is easier for you to determine whether you need one such attorney or not. However, in case you do need such an attorney, your next headache will be how to find a personal injury lawyer because although these attorneys can be easily found, the good ones might not be such an easy find!

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments below.

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