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Miami’s New Constitutional Carry Gun Law 

17 July, 2023


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In Miami, it has been two weeks since the ‘Constitutional carry’ law took effect in Florida. This law allows people in Florida to carry concealed weapons without needing a government-issued permit.

These new reforms take place as the city continues to gear up for the ‘Miami gun show’ this weekend, and we are all curious to know if the gun sellers are seeing a rise in demand for guns due to the new permitless carry law.

According to Robert Geisler from Florida Gun Shows, they have indeed observed an increase in gun sales since the permitless carry law came into effect. Additionally, there has been a significant rise in the number of attendees at their concealed weapons classes.

Despite the law not requiring a permit for concealed carry, many still believes it’s a good idea to take concealed carry classes. People have pointed out that having a concealed carry permit from Florida allows individuals to carry their weapons in more than 30 states. Without this permit, they would not have that privilege.

These classes in question will give people a greater idea about the newly-passed regulation. These will cover essential information, such as where you can and can’t carry your concealed weapon, as well as guidelines on when it is appropriate to draw your weapon. Due to these benefits, Geisler strongly encourages people to obtain their concealed carry permits, even though they are no longer required by law.

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