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Metabyte Sues Meta Platforms Over Trademark Infringement in California

23 September, 2023


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Meta Platforms, which we formerly knew as Facebook, is currently the center of a trademark infringement lawsuit. The lawsuit has its origins in a California federal court. The Plaintiff, Metabyte, is a staffing and tech-services company.

Through this lawsuit, the tech service company Metabyte alleges that Meta’s name change to “Meta” is a clear violation of its trademark rights. The rebranding needs to be clarified among the consumers.

In the lawsuit, Metabyte’s complaint states that both companies, Meta and Metabyte, are in the service sector. Both organizations operate in overlapping geographic areas, which is a contributing factor to consumer confusion.

This lawsuit is one of the latest in a series of multiple trademark cases currently standing against Meta. This development comes after its metaverse-related rebranding in 2021.

Earlier events show the virtual-reality company MetaX and investment firm Metacapital filing similar trademark-related lawsuits against Meta. 

Only a nonprofit platform called Dfinity Foundation dropped off a complaint against Meta’s infinity-symbol logo earlier this year.

As of now, we have not received any comments from Meta Platforms or a response to the lawsuit for that matter. 

Metabyte’s CEO, Manu Mehta, has said that the company did make quite a efforts throughout last year to settle matters out of court. However,  they were not able to reach an agreement with Meta.

Metabyte is based in Fremont, California. They have been doing business with this name since 1993. They also have federal trademarks to this now-disputed name since 2014.

According to the lawsuit, Metabyte and Meta Platforms did engage in negotiation about coexisting with the current names. However, as the negotiations slowly turned unsuccessful, they are now resorting to a court order. Through the lawsuit, they want to prevent Meta Platforms from using the “Meta.” The lawsuit also mentions monetary damages.

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