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FTC Sues Anesthesia Partners and Equity Firm Over Anti-Competitive Practices

22 September, 2023


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Federal Trade Commission has decided to sue its anesthesia partners along with a private equity firm.

As we can already understand, it is an anti-trust lawsuit. Both the anesthesia partners and the equity firm have accusations of illegally restricting competition against them.

The Federal Trade Commission lawsuit states that these parties have driven up prices for the patients by restricting competition.

Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe is the firm that FTC mentions in the lawsuit. This lawsuit in question came into the Houston federal court. Through it, the FTC says that the health and technology best private equity firm had a roll-up strategy.

The roll-up strategy consisted of the law firm buying out anesthesia practices in the state of Texas.

The law firm had created a physician-owned anesthesia company called the U.S. Anaesthesia Partners. Thanks to this strategy, this decade-old company was now the dominant provider in Texas.

The Federal Trade Commission chairperson Lina Khan will conduct an examination on the growing influence of private equity on market competition and consumer protection.

Anti-trust laws of the United States are all enforced by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States. This law should mark the first case of a private equity firm’s market strategy.

deOn this matter, the chairperson delivered a statement on Thursday. “The FTC will continue to scrutinize and challenge serial acquisitions, roll-ups, and other stealth consolidation schemes that unlawfully undermine fair competition and harm the American public,” She said. 

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