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EEOC Sues Tesla Over Racial Harassment of Employees

3 October, 2023


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There has been a lawsuit from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States against Tesla Inc. It states that the electric car making company did not take any actions against the severe harassment of Black employees. These employees faced harassment the Fremont, California plants of Tesla.

The lawsuit was originally filed in the federal court of California by the commission. It claims that Black employees of the Tesla plant a Fremont have endured racist slurs and graffiti. There have been mentions of swastikas and nooses. These incidents have apparently continued from 2015 to the present.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States holds that despite being aware of these accusations, Tesla did not take any steps. No investigations or evaluations took place from the company’s end. Quite to the contrary, there are allegations against the employees of retaliating against the workers who reported harassment.

The lawsuit also brings about additional charges against the company on grounds of discrimination. These claims were already brought to notice by the state of California and other lawsuits filed by Tesla employees.

Settlement talks have been going on between the automaker Tesla and the EEOC since last year. Usually the Commissions tries to reach settlements with employers so that there is little need to go to trial.

Along with this lawsuit, Tesla is the target over multiple discrimination lawsuits that have similar complaints against the company. There is an ongoing class-action suit brough about employees from the Fremont plant along with another one from a California civil rights agency.

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