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Covington & Burling to Disclose Six Client Names to SEC

19 September, 2023


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Covington & Burling is facing some legal trouble. In a recent turn of events, the multinational law firm has expressed a wish to disclose information to the Securities Exchange Commission. 

This information in question will include the names and details of six clients of the firm.

Sensitive information from these clients got out earlier after a major cyberattack on the law firm. This decision of the firm marks an end to a vast legal battle. 

This battle was apparently going on for quite a while with the agency over the much-awaited client list.

The Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States had requested Court Intervention. 

They went about with a subpoena to request information on clients of the multinational law firm.

The request was to officially ask the court for the names of almost 300 clients of the law firm. These were the ones who had suffered the most during the 2020 cyber-hacking.

As of now, none of the parties are seeking an appeal of the district court ruling that came in the month of July this year.

The ruling clearly ordered the firm to provide the names of seven public company clients. Their sensitive, non-public information was apparently compromised. 

This information stands true according to a court filing that took place on Sept. 15.

Covington has clearly stated that it will indeed share the names of six of the seven clients. These six have consented to this disclosure to the SEC, the filing states. 

However, one of the firm’s clients still objects to the release of its name. They have “indicated its intent to intervene to pursue an appeal,” according to the filing.

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