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ChatGPT Being Sued? Will It Stop Working Commercially?

14 September, 2023


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ChatGPT tool parent company is facing a lawsuit. The Class Action Lawsuit was brought about under grounds of misappropriation. The plaintiffs are claiming that the company stole data from people on the internet. This illegally collected data was used by OpenAI to train its AI tools.

This class action lawsuit has its origins in the California federal court on Wednesday. The lawsuit claims that OpenAI secretly took “massive amounts of personal data from the internet.”

The lawsuit is a long 160-page complaint. Through it, the plaintiffs are alleging that this personal data includes all data that was ever exchanged on the internet.

This complaint also states that OpenAI seized the data without notice, consent, or “just compensation.” The data scraping apparently took place at an “unprecedented scale,” according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit names Microsoft as one of the defendants as it is one of OpenAI’s major investors.

Both Open AI and Microsoft are yet to comment on the lawsuit.

“By collecting previously obscure personal data of millions and misappropriating it to develop a volatile, untested technology, OpenAI put everyone in a zone of risk that is incalculable – but unacceptable by any measure of responsible data protection and use,” said Timothy K. Giordano. 

He is an attorney of the law firm “Clarkson” who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the victims.

The complaint has brought other things to notice as well. It states that OpenAI products are built by using stolen private information. 

This info is personally identifiable. It comes from millions of internet users, even the children. The information being gathered without informed consent or knowledge is the main concern of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit wants injunctive relief. They want the Court to temporarily freeze the full-blown commercial use of OpenAI’s products. 

It also wants OpenAI to make payments of “data dividends,” a fs a form of financial compensation to people whose information was stolen.

OpenAI, along with ChatGPT, came into the picture late last year. The tool was immediately a hit with the masses. For now, we wait to see what happens to the future of ChatGPT.

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