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Bayer Ordered to Pay $332 Million in Roundup Case

1 November, 2023


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According to Reuter news reports, a recent California court case involving Bayer has come to light. Bayer faced legal liability when an individual, Mike Dennis, filed a lawsuit against the organization. He has made claims that he contracted cancer from exposure to the company’s Roundup weed killer. 

The jury in the case found Bayer liable. As a result, the court has ordered a payment of $332 million in the form of damages to Mr. Dennis. This includes $7 million in the form of compensatory damages and $325 million in the form of punitive damages. 

Physicians diagnosed Mr. Mike Dennis with non-Hodgkin lymphoma at the age of 51. The lawsuit claimed that his cancer was a direct consequence of using the company-manufactured Roundup. 

Although the punitive damage amount is quite satisfactory at this point but the U.S. Supreme Court could reduce it. According to precedents punitive damages are usually less than ten times the compensatory damages. Although the verdict found Bayer responsible, the jury’s decision stood in favor of Bayer on two out of the four legal claims. 

The jury found Bayer’s warnings regarding Roundup’s risks inadequate. However, they did not find the company negligent. They also did not believe that the product was defectively designed. In response to the verdict, Bayer’s legal representatives claimed that they would appeal the verdict. They claimed to have “strong arguments” that could overturn the decision and disprove liability. 

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