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Amazon Presents FTC Defense In Companywide Meeting -Transcript

8 November, 2023


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The top legal representation of has gone through the terms of the broad outlines on Tuesday. This was a necessary step to calculate the company’s probable defense against an antitrust lawsuit. 

The antitrust lawsuit is being carried out by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. The lawyer went through the terms in a private companywide meeting.

In a comprehensive two-hour meeting, the attorney took various subjects into consideration. Attorney David Zapolsky showed a strong belief in Amazon’s capacity to counter the ongoing lawsuit. He thought of the company’s strategies to be “completely justifiable conduct.” 

This information is according to the news report by Reuters. The advocate tried to create a stress-relieving moment for the employees by citing Taylor Swift’s lyrics during the meeting.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) took a significant step by filing an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon. This lawsuit was filed on September 26 this year. The FTC proposed the idea of forcing the e-commerce giant to sell off some of its assets.

The issue here is that the government thinks big tech companies, including Amazon, have too much control over the most profitable parts of the internet.

The FTC’s case is about claiming that Amazon is unfairly dominating the market. It claims that the company is partly operating by stopping sellers on its website from offering lower prices on other online marketplaces. 

This lawsuit is supported by 17 state attorneys general. It was filed in a federal court in Seattle. It comes after a four-year investigation into how Amazon does business.

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