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Woman In Texas Injured After A Hawk Dropped Snake On Her

10 August, 2023


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A woman in Texas was attacked by a hawk and a snake at the same time after the bird, which preys on snakes, accidentally dropped the wriggling serpent on her. Peggy Jones, 64, had been mowing her lawn last month when the incident occurred. 

The accident occurred when the hawk accidentally dropped the serpent on the woman and tried to reclaim its prey. Additionally, the snake wrapped itself around Peggy’s arm and began to strike at her face as the bird tried to sink its talons deep into her flesh. 

The terrifying act led the 64-year-old woman to cuts and bruises on her arms and face. This bizarre and weird accident took place on the 25th of July in the town of Silsbee, Texas, which is located near the Louisiana border.

Before the woman could remove the snake from her hands, the hawk attack began, which resulted in this weird incident. 

The occurrence of such an accident has allowed Peggy to be more aware of her surroundings from now on, as such incidents can only occur once in a while. 

As per the law of Texas, hunting of wildlife is illegal for the purpose of one’s own pleasure. This is especially applicable to animals that are endangered and threatened. This means Peggy did not have the choice of killing the serpent or the hawk to protect herself from the unusual attack. 

Additionally, another factor that can restrict the 64-year-old from killing the hawk is the lack of a hunting license that allows individuals with legal permission to hunt animals. 

Nevertheless, Peggy does have the path open for having legal assistance from experienced attorneys if the treatment of her injury worsens after being treated by a healthcare professional. This is because a medical malpractice case might arise from the mistreatment of the wound suffered from the attack from a serpent and a hawk.

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