Easement Appurtenant

The first type of easement available is the easement appurtenant. The easement appurtenant is created by the presence of a dominant estate that benefits from the easement, and a servient estate that is burdened by the easement.

Easement In-Gross

An easement in gross is a type of easement that grants an individual or an organization the legal right to use or provide access to a property for a specific purpose. It is also known as a "personal easement."

Express Easements

The third type of easement is an express easement, which is described in a contract, like a deed or title, and allows another individual or entity to use the property without owning it.

Prescriptive Easements

Prescriptive easement refers to an easement that is obtained by continuous and open use of an owner's property, which is adverse to the owner's rights