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Washington DC Willing To Make Changes Within Pay Equity Law To Fix The Worst Pay Gaps In The Nation

24 July, 2023


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US capital, Washington DC, has been noted to soon join the latest trend of local and state jurisdictions for increasing transparency within its pay equity laws for the reduction of income disparities. Data shows that workers within Washington DC have the worst pay gap in the nation, especially the one’s who are of color. 

The proposal that is pending at the Council of the District of Columbia has proposed that employers include the salary range within the job postings and also stop determining the applicant’s previous salary to provide them with their current pay structure. 

The requirements of job postings across the nation have been under scrutiny as lawmakers are trying their best to develop the best strategies for the purpose of reducing the longstanding pay gaps between women and individuals of color.

A councilmember in Washington DC has been noted to state their ability to make use of a variety of tools for the purpose of equalizing the pay gaps that are already rampant within the nation. The Council has also been recognized for its ability to reconsider a trio of bills related pay equality to merge them into a single pay equity measure by the end of this year. 

The council members would have to decide on the ways the laws will be applied to jobs that are performed outside Washinton DC, and employers who are based outside the region. 

The Potential Impact Of A Singe Pay Equity Law 

The ban on employers asking for the pay history of job applicants has been on the trend as it restricts an individual’s capacity to earn the amount they are meant to for the job role they are applying for. 

Studies have shown that employers who have restricted the process of asking about the salary history of job applicants in various regions across the nation have seen a shrink in the pay gap among women and people of color.

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