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Trump Prevails In Third Campaign Legal Challenge, 2024 Insights

21 November, 2023


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Three candidates of the GOP have attended the Iowa forum as the January caucus approaches. The caucus brings big opportunities for the Republicans to try and later prove that Mr. Donald Trump isn’t their only candidate. Right now, Trump seems to be their most popular candidate for the 2024 presidential elections.

Trump has stayed on this ballot in the state of Colorado. Right now, the primary date for New Hampshire is official.

These are the updates from the campaign that took place last week.

Alternatives To Trump As A Candidate Presented Their Case

In Des Moines, Iowa, last Friday, three Republican candidates gathered in an informal setting. Instead of podiums, they sat around a makeshift Thanksgiving table, having uninterrupted discussions.

Bob Vander Plaats, the president of a leading social conservative group, hosted the Family Leader Thanksgiving Family Forum. As a long-standing influential evangelical in GOP and Iowa politics, his endorsement is highly anticipated.

During the forum, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, potentially in line for Vander Platt’s endorsement, was questioned about his superiority over former President Trump. Despite polls indicating DeSantis trails with GOP base voters.

DeSantis highlighted his achievements in Florida, stressing his success in upholding conservative values.

“I think we need somebody that’s going to fight, and I think Donald Trump was somebody that came and said he’d fight for us. But we also need somebody that’s going to win. Somebody’s going to win for you and win for your family.” He said.

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