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Uh-Oh For Trump Associates – Sydney Powel And Mark Meadows: Will They Provide Testimony?

26 August, 2022


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More and more associates of the former POTUS are being questioned in connection to his suspected interference in the 2020 general elections from the State of Georgia. 

Mr. Meadows had served as Trump’s Staff Chief and Sydney Powell was one of his lawyers. 

Attorney Fani Willis, from the Fulton County District, has earlier filed a petition seeking the presence of both Meadows and Powel. 

A couple more associates of Mr. Trump, Mr. Boris Ephsteyn as well as Mr. James Waldron are scheduled to testify in the State of Atlanta next month. 

A lot of speculations have been around that since Trump’s last Chief of Staff was called into testimony, the investigation could be moving an inch closer to trump with each passing day. 

District Attorney Fani Willis has said that she even could have plans of making Mr. Donald Trump himself testify if that is possible. 

The process to get these people to testify has not been a direct one for Willis. Since most of Trump’s associates do not personally reside in the state of Georgia, Willis had to reach out to these people through their respective states. 

The petitions filed have been suspected to eventually lead to the issue of subpoenas. Willis has also stated that she believes that all communications made by each of these people were done with complete awareness. It seemed to have been a part of an elaborate multi-state plan to interfere with the 2020 Georgia elections. 

Trump has also been in the news because of the FBI probe into his million-dollar mansion, Mar-a-Lago, in search of missing White House documents.

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