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Supreme Court Headed To Reanalyze Key Principles Of Online Speech

19 June, 2023


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The Supreme Court in the United States has been noticed for its ability to rethink the laws that exist regarding the key tenets that govern free speech on social media platforms. 

For years, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have operated in the US under two very crucial principles. 

The first principle that is followed by social media in the US is their discretion to decide the content they are willing to keep online, and the one’s they are willing to take down. This is free from the discretion of the federal government. 

The second principle is that social media sites will not be held responsible for the posts that are posted by the account holders on their platforms. This protects companies from libelous speech and extremist content that pose harm to society. 

Now the nation’s Supreme Court is heading to reconsider these rules, which can lead to a potential reset of principles that govern online speech on online platforms.

This reconsideration would lead to major changes on the regulations that were imposed by the US government in the 1990s regarding the operation of the web. 

The Supreme Court has been noted to listen to the hearing based on the challenges imposed on Texas and Florida that restrict the taking down of certain political content. 

This case would eventually lead to providing a hands-off approach to the legal position regarding the US’s capacity toward online speech for social media platforms. 

This case is regarding the global concern regarding the way of handling harmful speech on online platforms. 

Recently, Facebook and Twitter have attracted billions of users for communicating freely on their platforms. This has led to increased scrutiny over the content that is posted on these platforms. 

There have also been questions regarding the ways social media has been excessively affecting elections, wars, genocides, and political debates. 

In various parts of the world, lawmakers have moved to harness social media platforms for the purpose of free online speech. Last year, many European nations approved regulations that required social media companies to take down harmful content. 

This has been conducted for the purpose of increasing transparency within these platforms and ways people are recommended for content on such platforms. 

On the other hand, in the United States, the right of free speech is enshrined within its First Amendment. Due to this, there have been very few legislative actions on the right.

However, traction has been gained regarding the regulation of harmful content within social media platforms operating across the US. 

It can be stated that the United States is in dire need of implementation of regulations that would regulate the content that is posted on social media platforms. 

This is because, in spite of having the right to speech, there should be a limit regarding where free speech crosses the limit of becoming a speech that harms the peace of society.

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