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US Supreme Court Allows The Construction Of The Appalachian Pipeline To Restart

28 July, 2023


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The US Supreme Court has been noted to allow to resume the construction of the controversial Mountain Valley Pipeline. This project has been observed for the purpose of transporting fracked gas from West Virginia to Virginia. 

The new ruling passed by the US Supreme Court states that the construction shall be resumed overpassing the previous rulings that have halted the construction of the project within the region. These orders were passed by the lower court that restricted the construction of the pipeline project. 

The pipeline project had started with an investment of $6.6 billion and had been long considered to be opposed by environmentalists. This was regarding the enmeshed legal challenges that have been present for years. On the other hand, there has also been opposition from the landowners and grassroots groups who have imposed a challenge on the construction of this Appalachian pipeline.

The construction on the Mountain Valley pipeline had been recently blocked by the federal appeals court in Richmond, Virginia. This is after Congress ordered the project’s approval as a part of the bipartisan bill that was aimed at increasing the debt shelter.

The ruling on Thursday has been welcomed by West Virginia’s Democratic senator Joe Manchin, who is the most high-profile proponent of the region. Manchin has been involved in securing a backup for Joe Biden’s administration during the talks regarding the debt ceiling that occurred in the previous month, irrespective of the objections from the environmentalists. 

The deal that US President Joe Biden has signed, Joe Biden, has been known to single out the pipeline as being a matter for “the requirement of national interests.” Due to this, it has been noted to be allowed for further proceedings and protected from any future judicial reviews.

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