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Stanford University Subpoenaed: Twitter and Elon Musk Tensions Escalate

1 September, 2022


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Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, a dropout of the University was subpoenaed by his lawyers in his legal battle against Twitter Inc. 

Elon Musk has been on the news for a while about the legal battle that has been going on in which he has stated his wish to back out from the deal of $44 Billion deal made by him to acquire Twitter.

 A subpoena has been received by the prestigious Standford University of which Musk has been a former student and a dropout.

Musk’s lawyers have made clear demands of all conversations, interviews, meetings, agreements, and negotiations that went on between the University and Twitter about the deal in question. 

Information regarding anyone related to the University who has been in interaction regarding the proposed deal has also been required. 

So, What Is The Deal Between Musk And Stanford?

Elon Musk had back in the year 1995 enrolled for a doctoral degree from Stanford, which he dropped out of after two days into the program. Musk had recently tweeted about this letter from Stanford that he had received. 

The letter stated that Musk had missed out on the research of modern cutting-edge technology that took place at the University since he left. 

It is not yet clear what help the prestigious university could provide in Musk’s legal battle. However, speculations have been made about the fact that the current CEO of Twitter has his Ph.D. from Stanford University. One of the Board members of the organization is a professor at the University as well.

The University is expected to have inside updates on Silicon Valley.

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