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Singapore’s Passport Surpasses The Japanese Passport As The Most Powerful

20 July, 2023


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If you are holding a Singaporean passport, then you are in great luck, as this nation’s passport has surpassed Japan as the most powerful passport in the world. Previously, Japan held the ranking of the most powerful passport in the world. 

The statistics have been provided by Henley Passport Index, stating this South East Asian nation’s capacity to hold the rank of the most powerful passport. According to this index, Singaporeans have the capacity to travel to 192 out of 227 travel destinations in the world without a visa. 

On the other hand, Japan has fallen behind Germany, Spain, and Italy, who are tied for third place in their rankings. These places boast to travel visa-free in 190 travel destinations for their passport holders. 

Japan has been placed in the third position, with six other countries, like Austria, France, Luxembourg, France, Finland, South Korea, and Sweden, having the capacity to travel to 189 destinations without a visa. 

On the other hand, the United States and the United Kingdom have been recognized to have a downward trend in their power of having a passport that is the most powerful. One of the reasons the United States has been deteriorating its passport strength is its lack of “openness.” This means they restrict to only 44 nationalities who have the capacity to visit the nation without any visa documentation. 

Such statistics show that Western nations are falling behind in their ability to effectively sustain their ranks as powerful passports of the world. On the other hand, the three weakest passports in the world belong to Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

These three nations only have the capacity to visit 30,29,27 destinations respectively. While many tourists across the world are being witnessed to more non-restricted freedom giving rise to traveling freedom.

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