A federal Judge has stated that she will deliver a ruling on a request made by the former president of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump later. 

Mr. Trump had earlier filed a lawsuit stating that the Department of Justice stop reviewing the White House Records seized from his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. He has requested that a special master be appointed for that purpose. 

Judge Aileen Cannon serving as a District Judge for the US, has not yet declared when the issue will be ruled on, or if at all it will be done anytime soon.

The esteemed Judge Cannon has stated that a list of items retrieved from the former president’s 126-roomed estate will be unsealed. These items mentioned were acquired from the search of Trump’s Florida estate conducted by the FBI. 

So, Who Exactly Is A Special Master?

A special master is a third party who has been appointed by the court to oversee any sensitive matter. Special masters are generally attorneys. Mr. Trump’s claim to appoint a special master was one of the first ones made by his legal team after the FBI search at his place. 

The Department of Justice has stated that a special master for this case is completely unnecessary. Hiring one could potentially harm the interest of the Government as well as put extremely sensitive information at risk. 

Trump’s team has stated that the classified documents found at his estate did not call for others to be alarmed.

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