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Peter Navarro, Trump’s Former Aide, Faces Contempt Of Congress Charges

15 September, 2023


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According to popular news outlet CNN, Peter Navarro faces a charge of contempt of Congress. Navarro served as a trade adviser to the former President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. He has been convicted of these charges for refusing to cooperate with a federal probe.

The probe is being carried out by the House select committee for the riots of January 6, 2021, also known as the Capitol riot.

Trump’s Second Aide

Mr. Peter Navarro served as the second aide to Mr. Donal Trump while he held office as the President. He is to be prosecuted for displaying a sheer lack of cooperation with the committee carrying out the probe.

While this probe has taken an unexpected turn, the case of Steve Bannon has gone on appeal. Mr. Bannon was a strategist. He was convicted last year for contempt as well. He was being prosecuted for two counts of contempt.

Peter Navarro has been sentenced to two years in prison for the two contempt counts. To this, he has filed an appeal based on executive privilege.

“Sad Day For America!”

Navarro, who has just received the verdict, has declared it to be a “sad day for America.” He has delivered a statement saying, “For the first time in the history of our republic, a senior White House adviser, an alter ego of the president, has ever been charged with this alleged crime.”

 “We knew going in what the verdict was going to be. That is why this is going to the appeals court,”-“And we feel – look, I said from the beginning this is going to the Supreme Court. I said from the beginning I’m willing to go to prison to settle this issue, I’m willing to do that.” he added.

The news was promptly reported by the media outlet CNN. When they asked if Navarro had reached out to Trump, he said, 

“President Trump has been a rock in terms of assistance. We talk when we need to talk. He will win the presidential race in 2024, in November. Do you know why? Because the people are tired of Joe Biden weaponizing courts like this and the Department of Justice.”

Amit Mehta, a US District Judge, has stated that Navarro’s sentencing is set to take place on January 12, 2024.

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