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System Failures Exposed: Pennsylvania Lawsuit Uncovers Troubling Legal Misconduct

18 September, 2023


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The USA Herald reports on a shocking turn of events in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. This recent news report speaks of extremely unethical practices in the insurance and legal sectors of the United States.

The case of Grossi v. Rabel et al. is currently going on in Pennsylvania’s Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County.

The complaint comes from allegations against the lawyer Michael Andrew Rabel. He is being accused of unethical conduct. The accusations speak of him accepting retainer agreements but not holding up his part of the deal in rendering legal services. He has also been practicing law in several states without proper authorization. Through these activities, he has been taking advantage of his clients who are financially vulnerable.

But Rabel is not the only one being accused. Auto-Owners Insurance is another party to it.  The insurance company was working in collaboration with Rabel. Troy Grossi is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. He claims that Auto-Owners Insurance company failed to monitor Rabel’s mode of execution of the claims.

The situations combined gave rise to a breach of contract and bad faith. However, we all are left wondering how much insurance companies can be held responsible for the malpractice of a lawyer.

Grossi’s insurance policy was worth $1,000,000. It was an Uninsured Motorist Coverage policy with the Auto-Owners insurance company.

Mr Grossi’s name also comes up when talking about a “phantom vehicle.” It is when a vehicle causes an accident but does not stay on scene after that.

Grossi got a mere sum of $37,500. He had submitted substantial evidence.  The evidence included an expert medical report that showed severe injuries that were a direct result of the accident.

The bad faith allegation originated because the insurer and their legal counsel, Rabel, mishandled Grossi’s claim. They offered very low settlements and also lacked proper medical evidence to counter Grossi’s claims.

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