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31 October, 2022


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There are many ways to find top immigration help, but there is a difference between legal advice and assistance from a nonprofit organization. Immigration support organizations like United We Dream, BronxWorks, and the ACLU cannot give legal advice.

It is best to consult with a private attorney before making any decisions. Notary publics, also known as visa consultants, are not authorized to provide legal advice.

However, they can provide general information about immigration matters.

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United We Dream

United We Dream is a left-leaning immigration advocacy group that opposes the deportation of illegal immigrants. Their mission is to end deportation, end detention, and protect the rights of undocumented immigrants. They are dedicated to ending the discrimination faced by undocumented immigrants and have a variety of resources for immigrants.

In November 2014, UWD helped pass the DACA+ program, which protects the rights of undocumented youth. The organization also launched the first national hotline for undocumented youth and their parents. This hotline is a resource that allows immigrants to seek protection and receive legal assistance.


BronxWorks is a nonprofit organization that helps people and families improve their social and economic well-being. Their services range from emergency grant assistance to long-term case management and government benefits application help. Additionally, they offer mental health referrals and housing assistance. If you are facing a housing crisis, they can help you find a new place to live.

The organization offers free ESOL (English as a Second Language) classes for adults with limited English skills. These classes are designed to help non-native English speakers become more independent in their lives. They also help prepare students for the citizenship test. BronxWorks also offers training for the American Citizenship test and helps prepare individuals for the interview. In addition, they help clients sign up for the naturalization process.


ACLU immigration help is available for individuals and families dealing with immigration issues. The organization has extensive experience and a proven track record of success in litigation. Its immigration attorneys work to defend immigrants’ civil rights and ensure that they receive the same treatment as citizens. The ACLU also works to challenge public discrimination against immigrants.

The ACLU immigration help hotline offers immigrants and their families information about immigration laws, as well as referrals to legal services. The hotline is open Monday through Friday, and staff members can be reached in both English and Spanish. There are also updates about events that can help immigrants and their families.

The ACLU of Texas, Boat People SOS, BakerRipley, and Tahirih Justice Center are a few of the organizations that support the hotline.


While it may be tempting to turn to a notario publico for help with your immigration application, you should remember that these professionals are not lawyers. They can only fill out immigration forms for you but are not permitted to give legal advice or representation. Even if you do pay them cash, you should always maintain a paper trail or use a cashier’s check to avoid being cheated.

While notaries are not allowed to give legal advice, they do have legal training and qualifications. In California, they are required to take a one-hour exam to become a notary public. But despite their credentials, they are prohibited from giving legal advice on immigration. This means that you should never hire a notary public for immigration advice.

ABA Know Your Rights video

The American Bar Association (ABA) has created an immigration help video called “Know Your Rights” to assist immigrants with their legal rights. The video is intended to be a basic guide to the immigration court process and was created with the collaboration of immigrant advocacy organizations. It was developed using adult education techniques to make the process understandable to immigrants.

American Immigration Council

The American Immigration Council provides immigration help in a variety of ways, from assisting immigrants with employment problems to providing resources for immigrant communities. Their resources help people navigate the complicated immigration system in the U.S., and include key data points, historical information, and background on immigration issues.

The Council also produces resources on immigration enforcement and the immigration justice system, which are useful for both immigrants and attorneys. Immigrants contribute a significant amount to their local economies, as workers, taxpayers, and consumers.

The majority of organizations provide short-term immigration legal services to immigrants, including Know Your Rights presentations, immigration screenings, immigration advocacy, and referrals.

Some also provide one-time legal services to unrepresented immigrants. However, the organizations differ greatly in their capacity to provide these services. Some organizations are small, while others provide large, long-term representation.

Immigration Council


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