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Legal Status Of The HEROES Act: The Billion Dollar Write-Off On Student Debt

29 August, 2022


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The Education Department of the United States Government has clarified the status of Biden’s Billion-dollar write-off on student debts.

Department of Education has stated that the write-off under the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students, commonly known as the Heroes Act, is completely legal.

Donald Trump’s claim of the write-off being substantially incorrect and negatively affecting the budget deficit does not stand true, it seems. 

Mr. Trump had made these claims in his memo of 2021 where he stated that the government lacked the authority to disregard the debts of borrowers.

Lisa Brown, who serves as the Department’s General Counsel has stated that the Act of 2003 does in fact grant the Secretary to cancel loans of the students affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The US Department of Education has, thus, declared that these claims made in the 2021 memo do not stand true. 

Mr. Joe Biden, while addressing this loan, had said that people would finally be free to start their business, start a family, or even buy a home, now that they do not have to be under the mountain of debt.

There seem to be some speculations about student debts which now amount to a hefty $1.7 trillion. Republicans are of the idea that this could spell disaster for the national economy, while Mr. Biden thinks that without the mounting pressure of student loans, the American economy is better off.

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