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Kevin Spacey States He Has Never Groped His Victims In UK Court 

13 July, 2023


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The famous actor Kevin Spacey has made a statement to the British police that he has not groped anyone by has been into numerous one-night stands with people from the theatre industry. On the other hand, he has also stated that he might have made clumsy passes over people. These statements have been heard by the Court in London. 

The  Oscar-winning actor has been on trial at Southwark Crown Court, where he has denied his numerous charges of sexual offenses on four men who were aged in their 20s and 30s back in the day. These offenses were committed in the United Kingdom between the years 2001 to 2003.

The victims of the offenses have stated in the Court that Kevin Spacey tended to grope them aggressively for the purpose of performing oral sex on them. This all occurred when the complainants of the case were not in their senses as they were passed out. The prosecution stated Spacey was a “sexual bully.” 

On Wednesday, the prosecution read over to the jury that Kevin Spacey had been provided with detectives during five interviews that were carried out in New York and London.  During these events, the American actor stated that he does recollect the occurrence of an act of grabbing his crotch and making crude sexual comments during a charity event in the London Theatre.

The actor has also stated that he has not committed any kind of oral sex on anyone without their consent and let alone made a move on someone who did not have consciousness. However, he has stated that he did indulge in sexual relations with various aspiring actors with their consent. He has also conducted social gatherings where a “vast” number of individuals used to attend. 

Kevin Spacey, who has been charged with the charges of committing sexual penetration and oral sex with the accusers without their consent, will be facing trials on Thursday. He has completely denied all the charges of being involved in non-consensual sex.

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