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Is Lizzo Going To Sue Her Backup Dancers For Malicious Prosecution?

24 August, 2023


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Lizzo’s lawyers have now begun to speak up on the allegations made against the “About Damn Time” singer. 

He has claimed that the former backup dancers had met topless performers happily. However, the lawyers representing the backup dances have stated that this does not change any facts of the case. 

Her lawyer, Marty Singer, shared photos on Wednesday with the media house, PEOPLE, of Crystal Williams, Noelle Rodriguez, and Arianna Davis- the former backup dancers who filed the lawsuit. 

The picture shared showed the dancers happily cavorting backstage with performers of the Crazy Horse Cabaret Show. This incident took place on March 5, 2023 in Paris. 

Lizzo was earlier sued by members of her dance team, alleging sexual, racial, and even religious harassment. They claimed to have been working under very poor conditions under Lizzo. The lawsuit claimed that the singer had pressured the back of dancers to attend the cabaret performance while on tour. 

The former backup dancers from the singer’s team had complained of Lizzo making them touch nude performers. To this, Lizzo’s lawyer delivered another statement refuting the claims. 

“These images showing the three plaintiffs gleefully reveling backstage after the topless show were taken after their February 2023 visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam that they complain about in their lawsuit,” he said. 

According to the lawyer the three dancers making the harassment claims returned to work for the music tour following the Paris outing. Davis, one of the accusers, also submitted an audition tape for “Watch Out for the Big Grrls”, Lizzo’s TV show. She apparently wanted to “follow in her foot steps”. 

Stating these very incidents, Lizzo’s lawyer has claimed that “These irrefutable photos and videos, along with additional substantial evidence, prove the glaring contradictions between what the plaintiffs claim in their bogus lawsuit and what is actually proven by the facts. The lawsuit is a sham. Lizzo intends to sue for malicious prosecution after she prevails and these specious claims are dismissed.”

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