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Is It Illegal To Video Record Someone Without Their Consent?

11 July, 2023


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Welcome to our interactive blog, where we explore a very common question that comes to our mind- is it illegal to video record someone without their consent?

What are your thoughts? 

In this age of Technology and smartphones, this question has become very relevant to each one of us. Let us now look into the legal aspects of is it illegal to video record someone without their consent and their privacy rights

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The concept of Consent is extremely important in the question,”Is it a legal to video record someone without their consent”. So what are the key elements of consent?

  • Consent is the voluntary permission to an action given by an individual having the legal capacity to make informed decisions. 
  • Consent should be voluntary. It must be given freely without any coercion or manipulation.
  • The person giving consent should have a sufficient and complete understanding of what they are consenting to.
  • This person should have the legal capacity to give consent. They should be of legal age and of sound mind.
  • The consent given should be specific and unambiguous.

It is very important the note that consent can be revoked at any time the person deems fit.

Is It Illegal To Video Record Someone Without Their Consent? Federal Perspective

First, let us look at the concept of privacy in the US legal system. The US Constitution recognizes the right to privacy for every citizen of the United States. This includes complete protection from unwarranted privacy invasions. For this reason, let us look into some Federal statutes that protect privacy. The interpretation and application of these vary from state to state.

a. The Wiretap Act

Also known as Title 3 of the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act. This act prohibits the interception and recording of wire, oral or electronic communications between citizens of the United States without prior consent from one of the parties. This act applies mostly to private conversations and telephone communications; however, video recordings may be subject to similar regulations. 

b. The Video Voyeurism Prevention Act 

This act is a federal law that prevents one from recording individuals in areas where they should enjoy privacy, such as restrooms changing rooms, and other private compartments. Consent is mandatory before recording someone under this act. 

c. Stored Communications Act

This act primarily deals with the disclosure of electronic communications in the possession of third-party service providers. It is fair to note that this law is also applicable to illegally accessing stored video communications. 

d. Copyright Laws And Regulations

These laws may come into play when people are recording and also distributing videos without the express consent of an individual.

e. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act

This federal law regulates the interception of all electronic Communications. It requires the consent of at least one party to a recording, even if it is a video recording.

f. The Privacy Protection Act

This act protects all individuals engaged in journalism from unreasonable speculations. Although this is not specifically fit the criteria, no government can cease video recordings of an individual without giving a proper reason.

g. The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

This Federal statute protects all video recordings in a Healthcare setting. There are standards for the use and disclosure of such information, and they usually include the consent of the person being recorded.

h. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Not just with video recordings, it also imposes restrictions on any personal information one could have gotten from Children online.

Let us now look at some state laws.

Is It Illegal To Video Record Someone Without Their Consent? State Perspective

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Although various Federal laws exist on this matter, state laws have additional and more specific requirements that suit the respective State requirements. 


The state’s Invasion Of Privacy Act requires the consent of all parties in the video recording.


The Illinois Eavesdropping Act requires the consent of all parties to record any private conversation and even with your recordings.


Anyone party in the conversation or video recordings has to provide express consent.

New York

Any one party in multiple parties has to provide consent in case of audio and video recordings. However, in places and circumstances where there is an expectation of privacy, all parties are required to consent to video recordings.


This is also a one-party consent state.


This is a two-party consent state. This has, however, been interpreted multiple times that all parties in the video have to provide express consent.


All parties have to consent to be recorded in the state.


State laws require all parties to consent in case of private conversations and private video recordings.

These illustrate the diversity of state laws when it comes to recording someone with their consent. However, it is important to note that laws are ever-changing, and new interpretations are being delivered through Court rulings every day.

Ethically and according to proper moral standards, it is always wrong to illegally video record someone without their consent. 

We hope you found this article informative and interesting to read. stay tuned for more exclusive legal content!

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