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First American Youth Climate Change Trial Starts In US

12 June, 2023


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One of the first in the history of US legal history, an all-youth climate change trial will be starting in the state of Montana. 

16 youths have been observed for their capacity to hold the state accountable for the pro-fossil fuel policies that have increased global warming. This is because the danger of global warming is dimming the future of young generations. 

The attorneys representing the youth in the trial would be arguing against the State’s existing support for fuels like natural gas and coal. Along with violating the state’s constitutional provision that guarantees the right to a ‘clean and healthy environment.’ 

The plaintiff has been noted for their ability to ask the presiding judge of the case, Kathy Seeley, for issuance of a declaratory judgment regarding the same. 

The plaintiff’s lawyers have stated that being able to acquire an effective judgment will allow future cases to refer to this precedent associated with making changes in policies related to climate change.

Moreover, the law firm representing the plaintiffs also hopes that setting such an incident is crucial for inspiring lawmakers to develop environmentally friendly policies for the future of children and youths. 

The plaintiffs originally planned for an injunction for ordering the state to the development of a remedial policy for the reduction of emissions. However, the judge rejected the bid with the statement that policy-making is in the jurisdiction of the government. 

The state of Montana has been repeatedly noticed for delaying the trial of the case with the opinion of the case being a ‘publicity stunt.’ The state has also declared that the case is being conducted for the purpose of hindering the development of energy plants within the region. 

Lawyers presenting the state have argued that climate change is a global issue that is required to be solved in the political realm instead of in courts. Additionally, the state attorneys have also stated that Montana Court will not be able to provide the relief sought after by the plaintiff. 

This is because the phenomenon of global warming is not entirely traced back to the state of Montana. This means it is not only the responsibility of Montana to pay for the circumstances associated with global warming. 

From this trial, it has been noted that the first-ever trial in association with climate change will be a game changer for the US. This is because this will be the first-ever trial that will be held by youths against the State regarding making changes in climate policies. 

Further, a win in the case would allow the world to have a great example. This is regarding the ways a legal case can make governments develop policies that are beneficial in the long term.

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