DOJ Plans To Sue Texas Governor Abbott For “Unlawful Construction” Of Floating Barrier 

25 July, 2023


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The Department of Justice has cited the construction of the floating barrier in the Rio De Grande River to be unconstitutional and unlawful. The DOJ has stated to the Governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott. 

Due to this, the governor of Abbott has stated that he shall see the individuals seeking to file a lawsuit against the state in court. The statement made by Abbott has been, “see you in court, Mr. President.” 

On Thursday, the DOJ cited in the letter that the floating barrier that is being built within the southern border of the Rio De Grande River is an unlawful construction. The DOJ has also stated that the barrier might restrict the federal government from its official duties.

On the other hand, the letter has not stated any kind of address to the Texas and Mexico border-related migrant issues. But the chairman of the DOJ has shown concern regarding the rising concerns of the troubling reports that are associated with migrant-related issues. 

Later on Friday, the White House’s Assistant Secretary Abdullah Hassan was noted to assure the reporters that President Joe Biden’s policies for the borders are “working.” Additionally, these policies have been noted to reduce a significant amount of illegal immigration within the United States within two years.

On the other hand, a group of 87 congressional members has been noted to have penned a letter to the president stating the President’s intervention regarding the Texas border issues. The letter asked the federal government to intervene immediately in the practices that are held within the borders of Texas. This practice has been noted to be deadly for the migrants who are seeking to enter the state. 

On the other hand, the construction of the floating barrier on the river in Texas has also been noted to violate the USA-Mexico treaties and immigration laws that have been implemented by the federal government.

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